& Fees

CenterPoint Securities offers flexible pricing that allows traders to utilize powerful services at cost-effective rates.

Commission Fees

Equities (Per-Share)

Rates as low as


+ routing & regulatory fees.

Equities (Per-Order)

Rates as low as



+ routing & regulatory fees.


Rates as low as



(available to Vision clients only)

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Commission Fees

Clients will be defaulted to the per-share plan unless otherwise specified. Clients who meet monthly volume thresholds greater than those listed below can benefit from deeply discounted commissions. You must contact us at 1-844-811-0118  or to discuss the rate for which you may qualify.

Monthly Volume
(shares per month)
Per-Share Plan*
(+ Routing and Regulatory Fees)
Per-Order Plan**
(+ Routing and Regulatory Fees)
<300k$0.004 $5.95
300k-500k $0.003$4.95
>4MPlease Call us at 844-811-0118Please Call us at 844-811-0118

Options Fees

Volume (Contracts per Month)Price per Contract
Under 10,000$0.65
Over 10,000$0.40
Over 50,000$0.30
Over 100,000$0.20

Routing Fees

CenterPoint offers 30+ routing options. Contact us for a complete list of our available routes along with the associated fees/rebates. Several routes are included here as an example.

RoutesAdd LiquidityRemove Liquidity

Regulatory Fees

Certain regulators impose transaction fees to cover their costs of regulating the brokerage industry. The fees are passed through to customers as part of normal transaction processing.

0.00004 / share0.0000221 x Principal (Selling Transactions Only)0.000119 / share $5.95 max (Sells)

*$0.95 minimum commission per order

*Initial commission rates will remain in effect regardless of monthly volumes unless negotiated otherwise. Additional $4 activity assessment applies to accounts clearing with Wedbush Securities.

*Vision Financial Markets charges an additional .05/order

**5000 share max on per-order plan orders.  Orders over 5000 are allowed, but will be charged the full per-order commission for each block of up to 5,000 shares (i.e. a 10,000 share order will be charged the per-order commission x2).

Software Fees

DAS Trader Pro


Base terminal fee waived if >200K shares traded in any given month.

Terminals not waived for users on the “Per-Order Plan”

Sterling Trader Pro


Base terminal fee waived if >500K shares traded.

*Per-order pricing not available for clients using Sterling Trader Pro.

Market Data

Below are the monthly charges for DAS Trader Pro. For a full a-la-carte list of available options please contact us.

Standard Package

(Includes NYSE and NASDAQ Level 1 and Level 2 Data)

Premium Package


(Includes Standard Package + Pink Sheets Level 1 & 2)

A la carte monthly exchange fees (Per user/per month*)

Nasdaq Level 1$1.50
NYSE, AMEX Level 1$3.00
Pink Sheet Level 1$15.00
Pink Sheet Level 2$25.00
Options Level 1$15.00
Headline News$15.00
INET Book (TotalView)$20.00
ARCA Book$15.00

Other data feeds may be available.
*Prices are subject to change without notice.

Miscellaneous Fees

Buy-ins/Broker Assisted TradesDomestic WireForeign WireHTB FeesOvernight HTB Multiplier
0.0095 per share $20 minimum$30 Vision || $20 Wedbush || $25 ETC$50HTB fees are charged daily2x M-W/4x Thu-Fri