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Equities Rates
as low as



Options Rates
as low as



Per-Share Commissions With Low Minimum Order Fees.

Our commission structure is designed with active traders in mind.

Cost-Effective Commission Rates

Low order minimums

Discounts for high-volume traders

Cost effective routes without compromise

Over 40 routing options

Smart routes, ECN’s, Dark Pool access, Market Maker routes

Multiple routes providing ECN rebates

Account EquityDiscount

Locate Discount Program

Every CenterPoint client is eligible for our locate discount program, with discounts automatically applied to locate fees.*

Locate discounts up to 30%

*Locate Discount Program does not apply to Atlas routes.

Complimentary Platform Access for High-Volume Traders

Platform access fee waived after 200,000 shares or 1,000 options contracts traded per month

Market data available in bundles or a-la-carte

Mobile platform available

CenterPoint Pro


Includes Mobile App

FREE for clients trading 200,000 shares or 1,000 options contracts per month.

CenterPoint Web


Mobile App Add-On: $25/mo

FREE for clients trading 20,000 shares or 100 options contracts per month.

Pricing Details

Equities Commissions
Monthly Volume
(shares per month)
Commission RateMinimum Order Fee
>20MPlease Call us at 844-811-0118Please Call us at 844-811-0118

– Commission Rates do not include Routing and Regulatory Fees

– Initial commission fee will remain in effect regardless of monthly volumes unless negotiated otherwise.

Options Commissions
Volume (Contracts per Month)Price per Contract
(+ Regulatory/Index Fees)
Under 10,000$0.50
Over 10,000$0.40
Over 50,000$0.30
Over 100,000$0.20

Commission rates do not include regulatory fees and index fees

Index Fees: SPX Index: $0.60. All other Indices: $0.40

Regulatory Fees
Regulatory Transaction FeeTAFORF
$0.000008 per dollar of notional on sale transactions only$0.000145 per share, with a minimum of $0.01 and a maximum of $7.27 per sale transaction$0.02905 on buy and sell transactions

These rates are set by third parties and are subject to change.

Routing Fees

Please see our routes page for route pricing

Platform & Data Fees

Platform Pricing

Pricing (Monthly)Mobile AppMarket Data
CenterPoint Pro$120IncludedA-la-carte
CenterPoint Web$20$25/moA-la-carte

Platform access fee waived for clients trading 200,000 shares or 1,000 options contracts per month.

Additional Market Data (Billed per-user, per-month)

Data FeedNon-ProfessionalProfessional
Nasdaq Level 1$1.50$40.00
NYSE, AMEX Level 1$3.00$32.50
NYSE & NASDAQ Level 2$18.00$63.00
Pink Sheet Level 1$15.00$35.00
Pink Sheet Level 2$50.00$85.00
Options Level 1$15.00$32.00
Options Level 2$50.00$75.00
Headline News$15.00$15.00
News Body$25.00$25.00
INET Book (TotalView)$20.00$100.00
ARCA Book$15.00$60.00
IEX Book$5.00$5.00
Trade Signal$35.00$35.00
Imbalance Data (Requires TotalView)$35.00$35.00
Account Fees
Buy-ins/Broker Assisted Trades0.0095 per share $20 minimum
Domestic Wire$25
Foreign Wire$50
Locate FeesLocate fees are charged daily
Overnight Locate Multiplier2x Monday – Friday
Reorganization feeMandatory and voluntary corporate actions will result in a reorganization processing fee of $35.00 that will be charged to your account on a per event basis.

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– Regulatory Fees: Certain regulators impose transaction fees to cover their costs of regulating the brokerage industry. These are fees that are subject to change and passed through to customers as part of normal transaction processing.

– Market Data fees are subject to change without notice.

– Market Data Package fees apply to non-professional users. Professional users will be billed at $63/month for the Standard Data bundle and $148/month for the Premium Data bundle.