CenterPoint Edge

A comprehensive suite of trading software and tools designed to give traders an edge in the markets.

FREE for CenterPoint clients.
A $3,500 annual value.

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The tools you need to find stocks to trade.

Start Trading With Confidence Using Industry-Leading Technology At Every Stage of the Trading Process


Powerful stock market scanning tool backed by artificial intelligence.

  • Real-Time Scanners
  • Trade Alerts
  • AI Trade Analysis
  • Backtesting
  • And more!


Sophisticated charting analytics and scanning software.

  • Advanced Technical Analysis
  • Dynamic Stock Alerts
  • News & Company Events
  • Unusual Options Activity
  • Market Scanners
  • And more!


Comprehensive database containing detailed dilution profiles on thousands of small cap companies designed to give you a clearer directional bias.

  • Check Offering Ability
  • Details on ATMs, warrants, convertibles, and more
  • Historic Dilution Events
  • Real-Time PR and Filing Alerts
  • Fundamental Info


Trader journaling software and pattern identifier designed to improve future performance.

  • Import Trading Activity
  • Plot Trades on Charts
  • Identify Performance Trends
  • Simulate Trading Strategies
  • And more!

Your Edge in the Markets

Improved Market Visibility. Superior Research. Optimized Performance.

Trade Idea Generation

Identify fresh trading opportunities daily with a suite of unique real-time scanning tools.

Analyze Stock Charts to Plan Your Trades

Analyze charts using advanced technical indicators, unique chart types, drawing tools, and more.

Stock Research Tools

Take a data-driven approach to trading with tools that help you gauge a company’s health and performance.

Catalysts Behind the Moves

Pinpoint the catalysts that fuel momentum – news, filings, and social media messages.

Stay Up-to-Date on Economic Trends

Stay informed about the latest economic trends, sector performance, and market news.

Journal Your Trades to Improve Performance

Stay informed about the latest economic trends, sector performance, and market news.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does CenterPoint Edge Cost?

Every CenterPoint client is eligible for 3 months of free access (regardless of trading volume). After 3 months, benefits will be available to clients who trade more than 100,000 shares/month or 500 options contracts.

If you fall below the monthly trading requirement, access will be revoked, but you will NOT be charged.

Who is eligible for CenterPoint Edge?

All clients will receive free access for 3 months regardless of trading volume.

After the first 3 months, CenterPoint Edge will remain free of charge for traders who trade at least 100,000 shares or 500 options contracts per month.

Clients who do not meet the minimum trading requirement for two consecutive months will no longer have access to Edge benefits.

What software do I get access to?

CenterPoint Edge currently includes access to:

  • Trade Ideas Standard (Regularly $118/mo)
  • TrendSpider Elite (Regularly $79/mo)
  • TraderSync Premium (Regularly $49.95/mo)
  • Dilution Tracker Pro (Regularly $60/mo)
What if I already pay for one of these services?
As part of the CenterPoint Edge program, you will receive a new, complimentary account.