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Edge Tools
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Tools & Resources to Elevate Your Trading

Designed Specifically for Active Traders


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Earn Interest on Idle Cash

Benefits for Active Traders
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Eligibility$30,000+ Equity$100,000+ Equity OR 100,000+ Shares/mo
$250,000+ Equity OR 250,000+ Shares/mo
Free TradingViewComing Soon!
Free Trade Ideas3 Mos.
Free Dilution Tracker3 Mos.
Free Benzinga Pro3 Mos.
Free Tradervue3 Mos.
Free Kinfo
Free TraderSync
Free TrendSpider
Free Trading Platform13 Mos.3 Mos.
Access to Trading Desk Support
Access to Special Events
Access to Atlas Locate Routes
Locate Discount Program315%20%25%
Free Order Route
Earn Interest on Idle Cash24.3%4.3%4.3%+
Rotating Quarterly Benefits
Commission Rate Discounts
Additional Locate Route4

The Tools and Resources You Need
to Optimize Your Performance

Experience the CenterPoint Edge

Free Access to Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas is a powerful stock market scanning tool backed by artificial intelligence. Get access to real-time scanners, trade alerts, backtesting tools, and more. 


Free Access to Dilution Tracker

Dilution Tracker is a dilution database containing profiles on thousands of small cap companies. Check offerings, review historic dilution events, get details on ATMs, warrants, convertibles, and more.


Free Access to Benzinga Pro

Benzinga Pro is an advanced real-time newsfeed and scanner. Get access to lightning-fast news alerts, an audio news squawk, daily movers, market signals, and more.

Benzinga Pro
Coming Soon!

Free Access to TradingView

TradingView is a web-based trading platform that offers stunning stock charts, advanced technical indicators, analysis tools, stock screeners, and more.


Free Access to Tradervue

Tradervue is an industry-leading trading journal that helps traders track their trading performance and extract key insights that contribute to performance optimization.


Free Access to Kinfo

Kinfo is a trading performance tracking tool that allows traders to journal their own trades and analyze the verified performance of other successful traders.


Free Access to TraderSync

TraderSync is a journaling software and pattern identification system designed to help traders recognize their strengths and weaknesses in the pursuit of ongoing strategy optimization.


Free Access to TrendSpider

TrendSpider is a sophisticated charting analytics and scanning software that provides access to advanced technical trading tools, dynamic stock alerts, unusual options activity, and more.



Free Platform Access1
CenterPoint Pro by DAS is an advanced trading platform built specifically for active traders. Every client is eligible for three free months of access. Traders who qualify for the Pro tier will maintain free access.
Earn Up to 4.3% on Idle Cash2
CenterPoint offers competitive interest rates on idle cash balances in trading accounts. Earn up to 4.3% on idle cash. Interest is paid daily on overnight cash balances greater than $30,000.


Trading Desk Access

CenterPoint clients get access to our priority support desk, backed by a team of industry professionals who understand the importance and urgency of quality support in the world of active trading.


Special Event Access

CenterPoint clients get exclusive access to special events, including in-person meetups, digital events, and more. Get to know the CenterPoint team and network with other active traders.


ATLAS Locate Route Access

CenterPoint clients get access to our proprietary ATLAS Locate Route, an integrated short locate tool designed to meet the specific needs of short sellers.



Locate Discount Program

Every CenterPoint client is eligible for our Locate Discount Program, with discounts between 15-30% automatically applied to locate fees. Clients may swing overnight positions with no additional fees or multipliers!3


Free Order Route

CenterPoint clients have exclusive access to our CPGOS smart route, with no fees for adding or taking liquidity. Save money on order routing fees without compromising order execution quality.


Commission Rate Discounts

High-volume clients are eligible for commission discounts based on trading activity. Enjoy equity rates as low as $0.001/share and options rates as low as $0.20/contract. Custom rates available upon review.


Additional Locate Routes

Pro-tier CenterPoint Edge clients get access to an additional locate route designed to meet the needs of high-volume traders. Get access to additional short inventory and no share limits.4


Rotating Quarterly Benefits

CenterPoint Edge provides access to rotating quarterly benefits available at no extra charge. We regularly work with new partners to  provide access to new tools, software, and resources.

Base $30,000+ Account Equity
Active$100,000+ Account Equity OR 100,000+ Monthly Share Volume
Pro$250,000+ Account Equity OR 250,000+ Monthly Share Volume

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does CenterPoint Edge Cost?

$0. CenterPoint Edge is always free and you will never be charged.

How is tier eligibility determined?

Traders may qualify for a tier (Base, Active, or Pro) based on either account equity OR trading volume.

  • Base: $30,000-$100,000 Account Equity OR 0-100,000 Monthly Share Volume
  • Active: $100,000-$250,000 Account Equity OR 100,000-250,000 Monthly Share Volume
  • Pro: $250,000+ Account Equity OR 250,000+ Monthly Share Volume

Both account equity and trading activity are calculated using a three month trailing average.

Which tier do I start out on?

New clients start on the Active tier or higher (based on account equity) for three months.

After three months, clients will fall into the highest tier they are eligible for based on account equity or trading activity.

Are there any tiers past the Pro tier?

If you plan to fund with over $1,000,000 or trade more than 1,000,000 shares/month, please contact us to learn more about how we can support your trading business.

What if I already pay for one of the free trading services?

As part of the CenterPoint Edge program, you will receive a new, complimentary account.

What are the quarterly benefits?

Our team is constantly working with new partners to deliver value to clients. Quarterly benefits may include access to new tools and resources.

Will I ever be billed?

You will never be charged for any of the third-party tools provided through the CenterPoint Edge program.

Trading platform access will be billed at our standard rates for Base and Active tier clients after the three-month grace period.

I am already a client. How do I get access?

Reach out to our support team and we will get you set up.

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Centerpoint is not affiliated with any of the companies providing services through the CenterPoint Edge Program.

CenterPoint reserves the right to change, modify, or discontinue this offer at its discretion.

1 Every new account is eligible for three free months of platform access. Market data not included in free platform access. Free access after the first three months will be available to accounts with over 250,000 shares or 1000 contracts in monthly volume. 

2 Interest is paid daily on positive settled cash balances greater than $30,000.

3 Locate Discount Program does not apply to Atlas routes

4 Available for accounts with over $250,000 equity only