Margin Requirements Calculator

Use the calculator below to estimate margin requirements and buying power.

How to Use the Tool


Enter your account equity, the price of the stock you are interested in, and the margin requirements for that stock.

The tool will calculate the maximum position size you can take based on your equity and the stock’s margin requirements.


Enter your account equity, the market value of your position, and the margin requirement for the position you are holding.

The tool will calculate your overnight margin requirement and show you how it will impact your buying power.

Margin Requirements FAQ

Where can I find the margin requirements for a stock?

You can find the intraday margin requirements for a stock within your trading platform. Overnight requirements are reflected on the client portal the following day.

What happens if I fail to meet the margin requirements?
Failure to meet the margin requirements may result in a margin call.
What else do I need to know about margin trading?

Check out our margin trading guide and margin disclosures to learn more about trading on margin.

This tool in intended for educational purposes only. All margin rates are subject to change on a real-time or overnight basis. This tool should not be used as a definite determination of a potential margin call, or lack thereof, in your account.