What to Look for in Stock Charting Software

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Trading is generally looked at as an activity to obtain financial gains via the stock market. By making informed trading decisions many professional traders are able to achieve their financial goals and lifestyle. While trading stocks offers a lot of benefits, if you analyze the data, you will see that it also comes with just as much risk. By equipping yourself with the proper tools for the analysis of stocks and buying capabilities you can increase your chances for success.

What tools do you need to raise your chances of success? One critical tool is stock charting software.

Why Use Charting Software?

centerpoint securities broker best online stock trading software

Charting software is a great tool for traders as it helps them to analyze trades before they are executed. There are many options in the market today but you need to find one with the tools and features necessary to optimize your trading skills and that works well with your goals and strategies.  There are many programs that offer countless indicators, charting capabilities and direct access to news feeds and scanning services. First determine the essentials as more is not better.

What to Look for in Stock Charting Software?

If you don’t have the right software, you might as well be stumbling around the stock market blindly to make your trades without the proper data. Choosing a stock charting software starts with identifying what features you want and need, and then deciding how much money you’re willing to pay for those tools.

Ease of Use

Any stock charting software that you decide to use should have a low learning curve, and offer comprehensive training documentation and support. It should be easy to use and offer clear navigation and analysis features so that you can easily visualize the chart in question. As a full-time trader, quick decisions and being able to evaluate opportunities efficiently is paramount.

Advanced Charting Capabilities

centerpoint securities broker best online stock trading softwareMany charting applications also offer advances features that allow you to setup alerts for when certain conditions are met during intraday trading activity. Another feature is back testing which allows you to run through practice trades using one or more strategies during a short or long-term time frame. Finally, the ability to make annotations on your charts and draw freely helps in visualizing concepts and deepens understanding of a trade.

Customizable Interface

See all of what you’re looking for, and don’t waste time cluttering up your computer screen with the parts you don’t care about or aren’t concerned with. The best stock charting program should be completely customizable and allow you to transform it into exactly what you want.

Mobile Application Options

Life is on-the-go. Your ideal program should be too. Any program that you decide to purchase should have mobile application options, so you can stay up-to-date with the most current information on your trades always.

The Bottom Line

As an active trader, you have a lot of information to analyze and consider before you make any moves in the market. You should have a program that makes the entire process easier and more efficient. Now you know the qualities you should expect from the best products on the market. CenterPoint offers DAS Trader Pro and other advance trading applications to our clients. If you would like to learn more about our platforms and services contact us today.

The information contained herein is intended as informational only and should not be considered as a recommendation of any sort. Every trader has a different risk tolerance and you should consider your own tolerance and financial situation before engaging in day trading. Day trading can result in a total loss of capital. Short selling and margin trading can significantly increase your risk and even result in debt owed to your broker. Please review our day trading risk disclosuremargin disclosure, and trading fees for more information on the risks and fees associated with trading.

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