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CenterPoint Securities is a leading broker for active traders who demand access to the most extensive short inventory.

Industry Leading

Short Inventory


Lending Team

Short Locates

In Platform

Locate Discounts

Up to 30%

Easy to Borrow List

Extensive Easy-to-Borrow List

Approximately 5,000+ Symbols on our Daily Easy-to-Borrow List

Short Locates

Backed by an In-House Securities Lending Team

Securities Lending Specialists

Counterparty Relationships

Million Shares Located Monthly

Average Locate Fill Size

Locate Orders Filled Monthly

Integrated Locate System

Secure Locates Directly Within Your Platform

Search Live Inventory

View Pricing & Availability

Track Locate Status

Available from 4AM-8PM EST

Short Selling Tool
Account EquityDiscount

Locate Discount Program

Every CenterPoint client is eligible for our locate discount program, with discounts automatically applied to locate fees.*

25,000 shares free overnight locates

Locate discounts up to 30%

* Locate Discount Program does not apply to Atlas routes.

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