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Commissions for 60 days

+ 3 Months of Free Platform Access
+ Lower Account Minimum ($30k)

Offer is only available for new clients.
Discount will only apply for 60 days after account funding, after which time standard pricing applies.


State-of-the-art day trading platform built for speed and power.

  • Fast and Reliable
  • Real-Time Data
  • Advanced Charting
  • Streaming Level 2
  • Rapid Order Executions
  • Advanced Trading Tools
  • Advanced Order Types
  • Built-In Scanners
  • Hot Keys
  • Support You Can Count On

Free Access to Trading
Tools & Software

Up to $7,500 in Annual Value!

All CenterPoint clients are eligible for free access to industry-leading technology designed to give traders an edge in the markets.

Edge tools

Charges will never apply. However, inactive accounts are subject to having access revoked.

Industry-Leading Short Inventory & Locates

Our clearing firm offers an extensive easy to borrow list and has an industry leading securities lending team with decades of experience. This further places CenterPoint as a top competitive choice for traders who rely on shorting as a major part of their trading strategy. Never miss a trade…

  • Extensive Easy-to-Borrow List
  • In-House Securities Lending Team
  • Locate Discounts Up to 30%
  • Integrated Locate System (In-Platform)

Direct Market Access

CenterPoint Securities offers sponsored Direct Market Access (DMA) routes that give you control over your order flow.

Faster Order Executions

DMA gives traders the rapid order executions they demand. Orders skip the delays of standard retail executions.

Improved Fills

DMA gives traders control over order flow, resulting in improved execution rates, faster fills, and better fill prices.

Multiple Routing Options

Get access to over 30 routing options. Route directly to market makers and ECN’s or choose one of our smart routes.

Why Traders Choose CenterPoint

Direct Market Access Routes

Improved order executions

Short Locates

Powered by our securities lending team

Per-Share Commissions

Efficient for scaling in and out of positions

ECN Rebates

Commission rebates when adding liquidity with select ECN’s

Extensive ETB Lists

Approximately 8,000 symbols daily

Competitive Options Rates

As low as $0.20/contract

30+ Order Routing Options

Direct routes, ECNs, and smart routes

Advanced Trading Platform

DAS Trader Pro

Tiered Commission Structures

Discounts for highly active traders

Pre-Market & After Hours Trading

4AM-8PM EST for CP Clients

Powerful Mobile Platform

iDasTrader available for Android and iOS

Unparalleled Support

Phone support, email support, and online resources

How Does CenterPoint Compare?

Custom Routing Options40+ Routes<5<5<5<5
Routing Rebates
Short Locates InventoryExtensiveLimited¹Limited¹
Locate DiscountsUp to 30%
DAS Trader Platform
Instant Phone Support
Direct Email Support
Excess Account Insurace
Primary Client BaseActive TradersInvestorsInvestorsInvestorsTraders/Investors
Free Trade Ideas Access
Free Benzinga Pro Access
Free TraderSync Access
Free Dilution Tracker Access
Free TrendSpider Access
Free Kinfo Access
Free TraderVue Access

Data last updated March 28, 2023

¹ Based on 1:1 symbol comparison

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Commissions for 60 Days
+ 3 Months of Free Platform Access
+ Lower Account Minimum ($30k)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the account minimum?
Our current account minimum for this promotion is $30,000.
What account types does CenterPoint offer?
CenterPoint offers individual, joint, and corporate accounts.
Do you accept foreign accounts?

We accept most foreign accounts. Please contact us for details.

Why don’t you offer free commissions?
You’ve probably heard the expression “nothing in life is free,” and zero-commission trading is no different. You get what you pay for. When brokers offer zero-commission trading, they do not simply eat the cost of commissions. Instead, they monetize your order flow, which may result in slower executions and subpar fill prices. While you save on commission fees, you may end up paying more overall.
Do I need a specialized trading broker?
Specialized trading brokers, such as CenterPoint Securities, are not for everyone. Our firm caters specifically to active traders who value quality order executions, advanced trading tools, and access to resources you won’t find at traditional brokers. If you place trades daily or weekly, you will likely benefit from a specialized trading broker. If you invest for the long-term, most traditional brokers will be adequate for your investing style.
Does CenterPoint enforce the Pattern Day Trader Rule?
Yes. The PDT Rule is enforced for all accounts.
Is my trading account insured?

Clear Street is a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (“SIPC”). In the unlikely event of a liquidation of Clear Street, losses of cash or securities in the securities account of each Clear Street customer (within the meaning of the Securities Investor Protection Act of 1970 (“SIPA”)) will be covered by SIPC and the excess SIPC insurance coverage purchased by Clear Street up to the limits described below.

SIPC Coverage. In the event of a bankruptcy of a SIPC covered firm, SIPC is obligated to cover a shortfall in customer assets, on a per customer basis for each customer (within the meaning of the SIPA), up to $500,000 (including up to $250,000 for cash). While SIPC does not protect against a decline in the market value of your securities, customers under SIPA receive preferential treatment in any liquidation and are not general creditors of a failed broker-dealer. A brochure regarding SIPC coverage is available upon request or at www.sipc.org.

Excess SIPC Coverage. In addition to the standard coverage provided by SIPC described above, Clear Street has purchased excess SIPC insurance coverage from Lloyd’s of London to provide additional protection to customer accounts that have a net equity value in excess of $500,000. Lloyd’s carries an A+ rating from S&P and an A rating from A.M. Best. The Lloyd’s excess SIPC insurance purchased by Clear Street covers up to a maximum of $1,900,000 per customer account for cash and $62,500,000 per customer account for securities (in addition to the coverage from SIPC), with an aggregate limit of $250,000,000 for all accounts.

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Promotion Details

  • Offer valid for new accounts opened after April 2023 only (cannot be combined with any other promotional offer or discount)
  • Offer valid for new clients only
  • Discount applies to the base commission rate
  • Overnight locate discount is limited to 25,000 shares.
  • 60-day promotion begins when the account number is delivered to the client
  • Please review our pricing page to fully understand commissions and fees
  • Every client is eligible for 3 months of free access to CenterPoint Edge. After 3 months, Edge benefits will be available to clients who trade over 100,000 shares/month.
  • Offer may not be combined with any other promotions