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What if I already pay for one of these services?

As part of the CenterPoint Edge program, you will receive a new, complimentary account.

How do I keep my Edge active?

These tools are for active traders. You will maintain your Edge unless you trade less than 100,000 shares (or 500 options contracts) for 2 consecutive months.

What’s the charge?

Every CenterPoint client is eligible for 3 months of free access (regardless of trading volume). After 3 months, benefits will be available to clients who trade more than 100,000 shares or 500 options contracts per month.

If you fall below the monthly trading requirement, access will be revoked, but you will NOT be charged.

Who’s going to help with technical questions?

Each Edge partner maintains its own technical support. You can reach our partners directly at:

What happens if I close my trading account?

There goes your Edge! All subscriptions will be canceled.