Commissions and Fees

Trading Fees

Trading fees are the fees associated with executing a trade. There are three fee categories to be aware of:

Trade Commissions are the fees charged for executing a trade. Rates are determined by your monthly trading volume.
Routing Fees are the fees charged for routing an order and will vary based on the route you choose.
Regulatory Fees are transaction fees imposed by regulators

Our full list of rates can be found on the pricing page.

Trading Fee Example

If your commission rate is $0.003/share and you utilize a route with a cost of $0.001/share, your trading fee will be as follows for a 1,000 share order:

 Trade Commission: $3.00
Routing Fee: $1.00
Regulatory Fee: $0.04
Total Fee: $4.04

Note that certain routes offer rebates, meaning you are credited instead of charged. If you used a route with a 0.002/share rebate, the same trade would look as follows:

 Trade Commission: $3.00
Routing Fee: ($2.00)
Regulatory Fee: $0.04
Total Fee: $1.04

Platform Fees

You will be charged a base monthly fee for platform access. Additional data feeds can be added for an additional monthly fee.

The DAS Trader Pro base monthly fee will be waived for clients who trade over 250,000 shares per month.

Platform fees and data fees can be found on the pricing page.

Locates and Borrows Fees

Fees will be charged to locate stocks (locate fee) and borrow locate-required stocks (interest on the borrow). These fees vary by stock and can be found within the DAS Trader Pro platform before you place a trade.

Common Questions About Fees

How is my commission rate determined?

CenterPoint utilizes a tiered commission rate system through which your commission rate is determined by your average monthly trading volume.

Why don’t you offer free commissions?

You’ve probably heard the expression “nothing in life is free,” and zero-commission trading is no different. You get what you pay for. When brokers offer zero-commission trading, they do not simply eat the cost of commissions. Instead, they monetize your order flow, which may result in slower executions and subpar fill prices. While you save on commission fees,  you may end up paying more overall. 

Our clients find more value in improved fills and executions.

Where can I see my trading fees?

You can access a log of your trading fees from the client portal.