Client Portal

Accessing the Client Portal

The client portal can be accessed here. You will receive login credentials via email.

What is the Client Portal?

The client portal can be accessed for important account information, including:


Account Balances


Buying Power


Trade History


Margin Requirements


Position Monitoring


Account Statements


Tax Forms


ACH Setup and Requests


Trading Fees

Navigating the Client Portal


Your dashboard provides a summary of your account activity and balances.

Note: Most of this data can also be accessed through your trading platform.

The equity chart will show your daily account equity over the month.

The left-hand menu will give you access to your trading information, positions, and account documents (discussed below).

The non-trading activity section will show your latest journal transactions.

The following account data is displayed below and to the right of the equity chart:

T/D Cash ($) – Your current cash position
T/D LMV ($) – Your aggregate long positions
T/D SMV ($) – Your aggregate short positions
Excess ($) – Your funds available to trade with
Requirements ($) – Your margin maintenance requirements
Buying Power($) – Your buying power


The Trades page will show a record of all of your trading activity and associated fees.


The Positions page will show your open positions.


The Documents page will show financial documents, including:

  • Interest Billing
  • Journal Transactions
  • Positions
  • Account Statements
  • Tax Forms
  • etc.



The deals section reflects voluntary corporate actions involving corporate equities (mainly tenders), exchange offers, mergers with elections, dutch auction tenders, and other offer types.