DAS Trader Data Fees

Market Data

Below are the monthly charges for DAS Trader Pro. For a full a-la-carte list of available options please contact us.

Standard Package


(Includes NYSE and NASDAQ Level 1 and Level 2 Data)

Premium Package


(Includes Standard Package + Pink Sheets Level 1 & 2)

Market Data Package fees apply to non-professional users. Professional users will be billed at $63/month for the Standard Data bundle and $148/month for the Premium Data bundle.

A la carte monthly exchange fees (per user/per month*)

Data FeedNon-ProfessionalProfessional
Nasdaq Level 1$1.50$40.00
NYSE, AMEX Level 1$3.00$32.50
NYSE & NASDAQ Level 2$18.00$63.00
Pink Sheet Level 1$15.00$35.00
Pink Sheet Level 2$50.00$85.00
Options Level 1$15.00$32.00
Options Level 2$50.00$75.00
Headline News$15.00$15.00
News Body$25.00$25.00
INET Book (TotalView)$20.00$100.00
ARCA Book$15.00$60.00
IEX Book$5.00$5.00
Trade Signal$35.00$35.00
Imbalance Data (Requires TotalView)$35.00$35.00

Other data feeds may be available.
*Prices are subject to change without notice.