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CenterPoint Lite trading hours are 7:30AM – 5PM EST.

Guides and Tutorials

Short Locate Tool FAQ

Learn how to use the short locator tool and understand how locate pricing works.

Understanding the PDT Rule

Learn how the pattern day trader rule works and what is considered a day trade.

Bank Verification Guide

Learn how to verify your bank account and set up a transfer request..

Mobile Trading Instructions

Use these settings after you download iDAS Trader from the app store.

Pricing and Fees 

DAS Trader (Platform Access)
Includes Basic L2 Market Data
Nasdaq TotalView Data (optional)$20/month
ARCA Book Data (optional)$15/month
Outgoing ACH Transfer$5
Incoming ACH TransferFree
FREE (Route)
Market hours only for listed stocks >$1
COST (Route)
Pre/Post & Sub-Dollar Orders
Premium Borrow Overnight Multiplier
Odd lots will round up to 100 shares
4X (charged only on first night)

Regulatory Fees

0.00004 / share0.00002290 x Principal (Selling Transactions Only)0.000119 / share $5.95 max (Sells)