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Bonus #1

Lower Account Minimum

Open an account with a minimum of $30,000 (compared to the $50,000 standard min).

Bonus #2

50% Off Commissions & Locates

Get 50% off commissions and locates for 60 days.

Why Traders Choose CenterPoint


Optimal Order Executions

Faster executions, better fill prices


30+ Order Routing Options

Direct routes, ECNs, and smart routes


Locate Discount Program

Save up to 30% on locates


Advanced Trading Platforms

DAS Trader Pro, Sterling Trader Pro, and more


Per-Share Commissions

Efficient for scaling in and out of positions


Competitive Options Rates

As low as $0.20/contract


Low Minimum Order Fees

As low as $0.10 per order


Unrivaled Short Lists

Backed by an in-house securities lending team


$3,500 Worth of Trading Tools

FREE for CenterPoint Clients

Get free access to Trade Ideas, TrendSpider, TraderSync, and Dilution Tracker.

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Promotion Details

– Offer valid for Investors Underground referrals only.

– Offer valid for new accounts opened after March 2022 only (cannot be combined with any other promotional offer or discount)

– Offer valid for new clients only

– Discount applies to the base commission rate and locate fees

– 60-day promotion begins when the account number is delivered to the client

– Please review our pricing page to fully understand commissions and fees

– Every client is eligible for 3 months of free access to CenterPoint Edge.  After 3 months, Edge benefits will be available to clients who trade over 100,000 shares/month.


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