Big Savings, Better Services, and a Brand New Home

CenterPoint started with a simple question:

What if we could give traders like us access to the same tools and services that the big guys use?

That was nearly ten years ago. Since then, we’ve made a number of advancements. None have been more important than making our unrivaled locate inventory available to everyone. It’s the #1 reason customers choose CenterPoint.

Now, we’re making the CenterPoint experience even more rewarding:

Up to 30% Off Locates

Get automatic discounts based on your account equity.

Account EquityDiscount

No Overnight Fees

Need to hold onto some locates overnight? No problem. Hold up to 25,000 shares per symbol with no overnight fees.

Up to $15 Free, Every Day

The first $15 in locates free. Every. Single. Day.

Plus, 10¢ Order Minimums and Streamlined Commissions

We’ve simplified our commission structure and reduced our minimums as low as 10 cents.

Monthly Volume
(shares per month)
Commission Fee*
(+ Routing and Regulatory Fees)
Minimum Order Fee
>100MPlease Call us at 844-811-0118Please Call us at 844-811-0118

How Do I Get Access to All of This? 

All client accounts currently at ClearStreet will automatically get access to all of these new programs and price reductions starting on 10/1.

Need to Switch to Clear Street? It’s Easy.

Just fill out this account application form and we’ll get the transfer process started. Please call 1-844-811-0118 or email with any questions.

How Are We Doing This? CenterPoint has joined forces with Clear Street.

The active trading space is evolving quickly and we want to be in a position where we can do more than just evolve with it — we want to define it. That’s why we’ve joined forces with Clear Street, a well-funded fintech company that’s growing fast.

Clear Street is a home for all active traders, from individual traders to multi-billion dollar hedge funds. Clear Street clients get access to the tools and services they need to build, manage, and grow their portfolios.

Get Access to the Same Services the Big Guys Use

Clear Street offers a wide range of services, including complete securities financing capabilities. Their 21-member securities finance team is on par with many Wall Street brokerages. It’s staffed by industry veterans with decades of experience at companies like Bank of New York Mellon, State Street, and Northern Trust. And now you have access to them, too.

Cloud-Based Clearing = Savings for You

Clear Street has built one of the first cloud-based clearing and custody platforms. It’s flexible, scalable, secure, reliable, and better than the alternatives. And now that we’ve joined forces with Clear Street, we can pass the savings and other benefits on to you.

Covered Up to $62,500,000

Clear Street is well-funded, with $300M+ in total capital. They offer excess SIPC protection through Lloyd’s of London. Securities are covered up to $62,500,000 and cash up to $1,900,000. The firm has an aggregate limit of $250,000,000 for all accounts.

Audited financial statements and important regulatory disclosures are available at

Our Goal: Deliver More Value to Active Traders Than Any Other Brokerage

Five of us — Doug, Matt, Mike, Scott, and Royce — started CenterPoint nearly nine years ago. We’ve been dedicated to delivering value to the active trading community since day one, and we will be no less committed in the years to come. Watch this space for more.